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Christian Society

We are designers, painters, filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, creatives, illustrators and more. We meet weekly to equip art students in their uni experience and help with the unique challenges the art world presents, we encourage exploring the claims of Christianity and what that means in the world of art and design.

We have weekly meet ups that can vary from eating pizza and watching a film, playing games having guest speakers and much more.


This society is a great opportunity to make yourself some extra cash or to help fundraise for your end of year show. Whilst you’re making on your course or in your spare time, you can use the products to sell. You can collaborate with students from other disciplines to make something to sell or work together to organise a pop up shop or even just share a table at a Craft fair.

We meet bi-weekly to discuss the opportunities of what and/or where we can sell and to organise the logistics of the events!

Continuum Society

The Continuum Society is a vehicle to connecting Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts, including our new Palace Court, Pre Degree Centre. Within this society we aim to encourage all students and children to donate their time and exchange skills to allow everyone to collaborate and work together; in harmony with the volunteering society. It’s a great opportunity to build upon your CV.


Debating club aims to provide the opportunity for beginners to learn how to debate, and for more experienced debaters, a venue to practice regularly. We believe debating and the skills associated are critical for the development of a modern professional in any field. A variety of debate topics will be presented, and members are given the opportunity to choose what they want to debate. 

We run weekly practice sessions where we debate topics and run flexible workshops. We use a variety of debating exercises to practice the delivery of an argument and develop critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Film Club

PCA Film Club is a casual weekly gathering of PCA student film fans from across all courses at PCA. It’s a great opportunity to expose yourself to something new, or to recommend a film you’ve been raving about! Films are voted in via a group page week-to- week – it’s the members who decide what to watch. You might learn something about a film from the discussions afterwards too. Taking a couple of hours in the week to watch a film can do wonders to relieve stress and just take a breather during the busy terms. The Students’ Union has been exceptionally cool in providing pizza for these nights as well. We have movies marathons too! Things like Star wars marathon on May the 4th. Members can easily arrange a night out to the cinema too! Films, pizza, chilling out, what’s not to like?



Our Football club is in the Larry Spear Wednesday League. Our trials run the Friday and Sunday after Freshers fair and it is imperative to go if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting into the team!

After representing your team we all get together for a social, this can vary to cinema, meal out, beer pong tournament or a FIFA night. There will be events such as Freshers Ball, Summer Ball and all the possible society and sport clubs events we are hoping to organise plenty of our own including:

– Christmas Dinner

– End of Year Awards

– Much More….

Games Club

Our society focuses on table top gaming. Everything from ticket to ride, board games, D&D and pretty much anything that can be played on a table top. You don’t need any experience at all, our members are always more than happy to help you out no matter what you have an interest in learning, we can assure you that someone will be able to help you out. So if you are interested in trying out lots of new games and making a lot of friends along the way come join us. We meet once a week.  

Game society is a great place for you to find a weekly roleplaying game. We will also be holding tournaments for various tabletop games throughout the year with prizes for the winners. This will range from Settlers of Catan to D&D modules.

GEMS Society

Our G.E.M society (Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums) aims to bring people together through the exploration of knowledge. It encompasses a large range of mediums covering sound, visuals, psychology and science aiming to provide a rich environment full of varying input in spaces away from the classroom, which is never a bad thing right? 

We just got to Plymouth why would we want to leave? Yeah Plymouth is a great place full of exciting history and some really good people, but there’s a whole world out there so why limit yourself to just our Uni’s walls! 

All you need to do to be a part of this great opportunity is spend a little bit of your time and together with enough shared time and enthusiasm (if your low on that don’t worry I’ve got plenty) just imagine the places and spaces that we could experience!

Hula Hooping

Just some people who like hula hooping; a place to share tips, tricks and ideas! We have a weekly meet up, talk and hula-hoop! A great, fun way to get some exercise without even knowing it!

International Society

Like many of you, international students know how it can feel a bit scary to come to a new place, make new friends and complete your studies whilst dealing with language, different cultures, different food, etc. 


So I thought of creating a new society with the help of the Plymouth College of Art Student’s Union, an International Student Society, where we can meet new people from different countries, share experiences and have a nice time together.


Our International Society is a place for playing international games from different countries, organising international themed events, watching fun international movies (in subtitles of course!) and eating international food! The International Society: Home comfort from home. 

LGBTQ+ Society

We are the PCA society whose drive it is to speak out for LGBTQ+ rights both within the university and nationally and it is through our passion for equality we represent the LGBTQ+ community. There is a Facebook members page so you can keep up to date with our events, it holds some more information about us and you can contact us through that too. 

We’re here for people who class themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender, along with that we added the + this is for others who consider themselves LGBT too (Asexual or Questioning for example) and those who support the community, so we are happy for anyone to join us even if you’re straight and want to support the people in our society!

We have socials around Plymouth party areas and also more chilled out socials like meals and movie nights, you’ll know more about this the closer we get to the beginning of term! We are also giving people the chance to help others with charity events throughout the year!

There are other charity events we will be holding through the year to raise money for charities and raise awareness for the LGBT! They’re fun and look really good on your CV.

Marvel Club

Whether you are a die-hard fan, or just interested in meeting some new friends, the Marvel Club is the club for you. We get together once a week and the activities can vary. One week we could be watching a film, or designing our own characters. We plan trips, eat pizza and go to the cinema!




Netball at Plymouth College of Art is a fun game with a serious edge; although it is a sport being played alongside the girls degrees the commitment is phenomenal and each year we aim to improve. PCA prides itself in being inclusive of all students of all abilities and we welcome all students to come along and take part! Our Netball team is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people, make new friends, learn a new skill and keep fit all at the same time (and don’t forget about the socials!). We look forward to meeting you!


PCA: SU TV is a brand new society for 2016/17 academic year where people from all kinds of backgrounds can share their mutual interest for film, video editing, journalism and entertainment. This new society is hoping to become a TV Channel for PCA students that can promote and increase awareness of the campus, events and student life, facilities and services as well as providing a platform for advise and entertainment.

We are currently in the process of creating videos which is to be shown on the SU page, updates on what’s been happening over the past month as well as things to look forward to in the next month. As the society expands,hopefully in the future we can increase that to a fortnight or even weekly shows.  

We really want to work with any students such as; sports, clubs, events and general student goings on to create promotional videos for everyone to enjoy and use as one of their main promotional tools. So if this is something you would like to take part in, be sure to get in touch with our team!

We have lots of exciting plans and ideas for the upcoming year so if you ever wanted to be on TV or be part of a TV crew. Join us today! We are looking at hosting a social every other week with at least one non-drinking social per month. That could involve trips to cinema, bowling, or even SU movie marathon nights and lots more!

Our calendar for 2016/17 is full of ideas and we are slowly making these ideas into reality! As well as all the events that you could possibly take part in as part of our TV crew such as Freshers Ball, Summer Ball and all the possible society and sport clubs events we are hoping to organise plenty of our own including:

– Christmas Dinner

– End of Year Awards

– Much More….

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club offers a great way play sport whilst allowing you to make friends in a relaxed sociable environment. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a real pro, PCA TTC is the sports club for you! If you simply want a knock around with your friends or join in a tournament, just come a long. There will be a meet up twice a week, no commitment is needed for these sessions, so feel free to turn up as little or as often as you want! Throughout the year the club organises social events, these vary from relaxed social gatherings such as FIFA nights and bowling to table tennis themed nights out for you ping pong partiers out there! Nights out include events such as bowling and of course… beer pong!!

Volunteering Society

This year we are setting up a Timebank, this is a great opportunity for students to donate their time/skill which will be stored in a bank and you can claim back the time by using someone else’s skills to benefit you. It will also work with the Continuum Society because you can help Plymouth School of Creative Arts or Palace Court, the Pre Degree Centre. Although it’s not only for internal use, you can help the Plymouth Community and gain skills and experience from them also. Plus, it will all look great on your CV!!


Viva La Fresher

Looking to find out about Freshers 2018? Find out our itinerary of this years activities.

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